Brot & Kuchen


If you ever try German bread, --- choose a good one.
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Bread in Germany is hearty. Also some sweet things are called 'bread', but they're considered to be pastry. Theoretically there are three different types: White bread, bread which isn't totally white and quite dark or/and whole grain bread. White breads (a variety of French and Italian types, as well as toast, included) are often eaten for breakfast or as snack. Graubrot is usually a mixture of wheaten and rye and very common. Dark breads are traditionally dark, or simply colored to make a healthy impression. Sliced, with butter, cheese, ham,... some pickles or pieces of raw vegetables, it can be a small meal, at least a Brotzeit (lit. bread-time (meal), a bavarian term). Indeed, there's a vast variety. And do not let us forget all the bread rolls, crescents, pretzels,...

But does it matter if there are 100 or 600 different sorts? It's more important to find something really tasty! If you buy bread in one of those neon signed bakery shop which are the same at every corner, or some pre sliced cheap stuff at the supermarket it's highly possible that you will be disappointed by "German bread". There are good ones, too, but usually things are made of a fabric originated flour and you-do-not-want-to-know-what-else mixture. If you want bread which is made with knowledge instead with chemical helpers, with time consuming sourdough, with less but good and healthy ingredients you may search a kind of family run bakery with a long tradition in town or at a market. In some, mostly larger, cities there may be modern shops, too, run by young individualists with a passion for delicate food. And it is pretty probable to find what you are searching for at eco or whole grain bakeries, also at bread shops within eco supermarkets. There maybe you'll chose a goodie made of Dinkel (spelt)!? It's becoming more and more popular in Germany. It's the elder and more natural brother of wheaten, but it needs time and knowledge to bake with. If a baker can do that, you may get a real good product. --- Mine on the picture is a Dinkelbrötchen, a spelt bread roll.

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