·ooo- みたらし団子


Mitarashi dango:
Traditional rice flour dumplings with sweet-salty sauce.  
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While in Japan with the end of rainy season came the heat, weather here cooled down a bit (more precisely: temperature fell from 34 to 16°C within two days), the appetite for other things than water melon was increasing proportionally. After daydreaming of mitarashi dango yesterday (yes, I do such things) it didn't take long time... voilà. They're one of my (many) favorite japanese sweets.

If you aren't one of these fellows who can't stand the chewiness of dumplings or react phobic to unfamiliar tastes, you should try them, I think. Recipes you can find here or here for example, or if you can read Japanese, possibly on the packaging of the rice flour. Making the dumplings I didn't use a recipe (so I cannot say anything about the linked ones). But I made the sauce with the measures of the second and it turnd out good. --- And, if you try mitarashi dango, better take the "real" ingredients. You'll taste the difference.

Btw. Can you see the reflexions of the window? They're telling you that this picture probably was not taken in Japan. That's incredible how easily little details can "destroy" a certain atmosphere! Maybe you don't even recognize what exactly is wrong with the pic.




zucca azzurra hat gesagt…

we usually eat rice dumplings with brown sugar lump or minced meat as the fillings at the Chinese new year's eve, the round shapes mean reunion, fullness, completeness...i like the sweet ones as dessert to complete my dinner..have a nice day...

nezumiiro.mausgrau hat gesagt…

That's nice. I'm sure they are very tasty, too! Stai abitando in Sardegna? Posso immaginare che sia bello lì. Thanks for commenting... buona giornata anche a te.