”When I dress I like to keep in mind that I’m French and Japanese. I’m not, but I like to keep in mind I am.”
(via you might find yourself)

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Seen on several blogs lately: graphics by Louis Reith.
The photostream is pretty good, too.


Great graphic design by artless.

Shoes and things: Erik Schedin via Otaat, Atp.

Thimbles garden via bookhou.

Seing Mila's Daydreams she considers having a baby too --- and if it's only to shoot such funny pictures. *Kidding, eh.*  ...Almost 10.000 km are a quite 'save' distance anyway.

LOVE DISTANCE, a TV ad which got some attention.

He is at his family's place during obon, chatting eating... She is battling with papers and watching way too much Japanese TV dramas. And you?

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