Villa Hyûga



Yesterday I wrote about Villa Hyûga in Atami, Shizuoka. The site is built on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay and does not seem very special. But to gain more plane ground for a garden, it has become a subconstrution of concrete. Bruno Taut (1880 -- 1938), the architect of the Glass Pavilion and the Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin, was asked to do the interior. He was emigrated, or better he fled, to Japan in 1933 and stood there until 1936. His articles and the books he wrote in exile are well known. But beside a larger number of design objects, he hadn't the opportunity to build much there. And the Hyûga House is the only thing remaining. Within three rooms --- a Japanese (tea) room with traditional elements, a guest or dining room and a room for dancing, playing games and table tennis --- Taut tried to create a synthesis of Japanese and western forms there. That was in 1935.

Pictures of the  exterior  and the  interior . (日本語!)

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