For some time now he is flirting with this leather armchair.

She only needs to cite Swissmiss: "This 2011 Calendar Scarf is a beauty. It’s almost poetic how you are supposed to pull on the yarn as time goes by. (...) In fact, this is the first time I think I endorsed a wall calendar. I usually can’t stand them."

Another thing she usually can't stand is the return of that homey stiching hype. --- But there are some talented people, who do really nice (art) work with their needles, Renilde Depeuter, for example.

Another pixel-thing: Error tea towles by Pieke Bergmann. It would be fun to have one or two.

Fun are also these endy stools by Shay Carmon. And these by A2 designers are even called 'happy'.

Gotasalviento: This sounds like a very great adventure.

Wish you some little and nice adventures, too, during this week. Keep your eyes open!

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