Hagi is a city located in the very south-west of Honshu.

It's also the Japanese name for bush clover.

(O)hagi are wagashi, traditonally served during akinohigan, the days around autumnal equinox. Can you see the similarity with the bush clover? (Say "yes"!) They're one of my favorites...

... And this is one of my favorites too: ceramics from Hagi. Hagiyaki is made of rough clay and usually it's glazed white, eventually with apricot or pinkish, sometimes grey blue, tones. Often the foot of cups and vessels is chipped.

I'll post more about Japanese ceramics. I've planned to do so for some time, but it's difficult to get pictures. It's a dream to own a vast collection (which I could show you)... I don't, though. ;-)

Hagi is outlying, but if you have the chance, pass by. Beside ceramics you can find beautiful old architecture there.

Pictures by Andrew Buckingham, TANAKA Juuyoh, Griffin374, Luzlum and clayworkshop, cc on flickr. Thanks!

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