Kiachl & Tradition


I admire how Japanese people cherish their traditions (generally speaking). And I got hooked on quickly. After that I began thinking about customs with which I grew up. It always was easy to say "there aren't any, --- at least not like in Japan"... but they do exist!

Today is the third Sunday in October. Here it's called Kirda. Actually, like almost all holidays, it's a church thing. A nice side effect is a pastry eaten this day: Kiachl. It's a kind of doughnut. The best ones usually are made by countrywomen. Baking these is really an art...

Auszogne --- found these great illustrations by Pedro Avella...
... die für Deutschsprachige sicherlich noch amüsierlicher sind.

Kiachl are pretty good, juicy, crispy and slightly sweet... but, I can tell you, better do not eat three of them.


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