sesame sauce II


Gomadare we had yet. I like this one a lot. It's pure and delicious. Here's another sesame sauce now. It's quite similar, but with saikyou miso and a bit spicy. Basically it is out of a cook book his okaasan gave me. Primarly I mention it because it was a very nice treat along with the soft tofu. I should remember that. And maybe you would like to try it too?

mix together about

* 2 tablespoons of roasted and finely ground sesame seeds

* 1 scant teaspoon brown sugar

* 2 teaspoons saikyō miso

* 4-5 tablespoons of kombudashi

* and a splash La-Yu



Anonym hat gesagt…

reading this (again) reminded me that i had some tofu in the fridge...and i think i have all of the other ingredients (except the layu) in the house...so i might have to make this for lunch today!

nezumiiro.mausgrau hat gesagt…

Bon appétit! Hope you like it. (Maybe you have some sesame and/or chili oil instead of the raayu?)