watching airplanes, drinking houjicha latte

How do you pass transit time at the airport? I love watching planes, watching people from all over the the world --- and checking out all the small food shops. What luxury, spending hours with nothing else as to choose between sandwich and soup, cake and fruits! Kansai Airport makes me remembering vegetable rice curry (or kare raisu makes me remembering the airport?) and Narita Intl. kitsune soba (buckwheat noodle soup with fried tofu) and Starbucks’ houjicha latte. In Dubai, by the way, croissants are enormous, I didn't eat one, though.

Houjicha is roasted green tea. It's mild and has less caffein than normal green tea. And its taste makes me think of cozy Japanese restaurants and izakaya, mhh~. Hence houjicha latte is a strong houjicha with (steamed) milk. I'd say, if there's milk in the Japanese tea, sugar is allowed, too. Often syrup is taken, but also a little bit of brown sugar is nice. It's like chai latte but still milder.

Gerösteter Grüntee mit Milch.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

thank you for your kind words on my very-new blog :)
enjoy your tea - i am jealous!

nezumiiro.mausgrau hat gesagt…

Oh, come over for a cup! :-D