a city to live in


For some time now we're thinking about moving to Berlin. Maybe. And maybe not forever but for the next years. Still i'm not sure. But i don't have any better idea either. I'm not a girl with a fancy fringe and i don't wear green-dotted tights. Anyway, i'm not a girl anymore. Possibly i'd never been a girl. I'll not paint the walls of the subway and we don't plan to open a pop-up store to sell sports shoes or something like that. Sometimes we're quite oldfashioned and conservative instead and it's high time to think seriously. So, would Berlin be the right place? But were should we go? Staying here in my home town, were all things are neat and nice and calm? Becoming mature doesn't mean building a fence around that small spot of earth one is familiar with, it doesn't mean to stop looking at the things around us, stop thinking, stop imagining... Berlin seems to promise some kind of freedom. What do you think? What's a good city to live in?

Picture by Till Krech, cc, flickr.


Anonym hat gesagt…

i think you just read my mind...really.

that's exactly the kind of thing that runs through my mind on a daily basis; i don't want to get old, and i don't want to me boring, but i want to have stability, and i want to feel settled, but...

i think that there is never a right time to do something - or not - but you'll never know if you never go...

but if you stay where you are, you need to be happy with your decision and stop wondering 'what if..'

there's no easy or right answer, is there?

good luck :)

tamara hat gesagt…

I'm wondering, if these are thoughts one naturally has in a certain time in life - something between teenage rebellion and the midlife crisis... ;-) It's the same with the job, isn't it? Doing something more or less 'secure', which may be nice but is always a compromise or trying to go ones own way, - possibly never becoming a person others can depend on.

With the 'what ifs' i definitely agree with you!

In this case it's more a question where to go. When it comes to Germany i really don't have any idea. Cities are so much like humans: Everyone has its own character.

PS You could also email me, if you like.