One thing i never liked are wall calendars. Yes, i'm picky. I'm no one who easily hangs stuff on her walls. And i don't understand why pictures of puppies or sundowns should become better when they have boring-font numbers beneath showing me if the 5th is a Tuesday or the 27th a Thursday.

Well... i just ordered a wall calender.

It's from Flora Douville... and pretty, i admit. (Can't wait until it arrives and must imagine how nice it will be in my our new home next year.)

This one from Erin Jang you may have seen somewhere before. This isn't bad, too, with it's vivid colours.

For my new calendar passion i have to thank annelouiselikes. She has also passed me ten questions to answer. What i'll do for sure. Maybe a bit later because there's not much time lately and writing in English always takes a bit of effort. Thank you, it made me happy and i love your blog, too!

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