discoveries (Christmas edition)

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Christmas tree light. What a great idea!

We both also loved the colours of their living room walls. (Always imagining how our own place will look like. ;-)

A discreet form of Räuchermännchen: Räucherkerzenhäuser.

Again houses: ie-tag by Naruse Inokuma Architects.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, i'll se my grandmother. When i was a child she made these string figures with me. ♡

Would love to see this Illuminated Poetry at the park next street.

A Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka.

Mackintosh Rainwear!! The choice for our next life when money does't matter anymore. 650 Euro for a rain coat one cannot justify only by quality, could we?

But i would be quite happy with this ninja slippers from SOU SOU, too.

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