My turn!?

Okay, here we go! 

Thank you again, Anne! If not here, i would have mentioned you below.

1     Why did you create the blog?
The beginnings of this blog fall in a time when --- after a lot of talking and dreaming --- we finally began working creatively again. The blog should accompany this process, encourage us and be a small door to this world. As soon as nezumi iro was born it turned out that beside regular work there have come along some irregular things and that there won't be much room for playing around with paint or blocks of wood or fancy dreams. That's why this blog still hasn't a clear concept. But to keep up blogging means to me keeping up the idea. Beside this i'm enjoying to have my own tiny universe here and to get in touch with you. I hope that we get it to reorganize our lives, as well as this page during the next year.

2     What kind of blogs do you follow?
I like blogs of people who show a strong passion for a specific subject, who are "professionals" in they're own way, blogs of people i however feel sympathy for, blogs of people who have similar likings as i have... Mostly they're dedicated to crafts, design, architecture or cooking/baking.

3     Favourite makeup brand
I hardly wear makeup, call it natural, practical or lazy. And if i do, it never remains long time where it should... But recently i've discovered mineral makeup by a brand from the U.S. They have such lovely eyeshadow and blush colours, so that i'm "painting" regularly in these days. It's fun! Never had yellow eyeshadow before... you?

4     Favourite clothing brand
I do not own a single piece (yet). But if someone would give me the air tickets and a weekend off, i'd drop everything and go shopping at  パラスパレス aka Pal'las Palace. Their clothes appear so adult and traditional, on the other hand they're really cute. (To gain a little impression you can check out their winter collection --- never the odd online shop, though. The real store is so much better!)

5     Your indispensible makeup product

6     Your favourite colour
Inexplicably attracted by dark blue and emerald green things.

7     Your perfume
After two years or so of searching i finally found a new scent that's "me": eau de fleur de thé. (My last one hadn't been available anymore.)

8     Your favourite film
Mhh, choosing is so difficult. Films i like often are French or Korean. ... How about Bin Jip for example? (And forgetting about films that i've liked drives me crazy.)

9     What country would you like to visit and why?
There are many countries and cultures to discover. Traveling isn't only leisure, i think, it can be highly educating. But if i really would have to decide one --- Japan! I've never liked to go mainstream, and Japan definitely is mainstream, so it's hard to admit, but it's a love affair... well, a one-sided one, i guess. This country can make me laugh and cry, make me enjoy my existence, want me to become a better person, it is inspiring and calming and sometimes it makes me wondering.

10   Make the last question and answer to yourself:
Things i've learnt during the last years
That we're humans, and that's alright.
That there are many things and moments worth to be enjoyed more than we normally do.
How to eat a pomegranate without messing everything.

Now ten favourite blogs!
Since at least half of the following bloggers not even know of the existence of this blog here, not to mention that i'm not sure if they would feel like answering to so many questions about makeup, i don't pass this. --- You know, your blogs brought me many delightful minutes (i should say hours)! If you see this and like to go on --- feel free of course!

Heart warming
(Look out for their awesome hercules beatle larva!)

Also these i'm following for a long long time

People with great sense

Interiors and houses i love



Anonym hat gesagt…

some new links for me; thanks :)

and i love that you say that your blog doesn't have a clear concept: maybe, but it definitely has a clear style...keep it up!

tamara hat gesagt…

However, a concept would be fine - haha. But what you've written is most appreciated. Indeed i just began the quest for something like a personal style.

Happy New Year!