milk jam


Not enough calories over Christmas and New Year? Then try this fabulous milk jam! This time i swirled mine with yude azuki, an idea i saw on Sadaharu AOKI's web site a while ago.

M I L K   J A M

200 ml cream
250 ml milk
80 g sugar

Combine the ingredients in a pot and simmer the mixture until it thickens. This can take half an hour or more. Don't forget to stir. Fill the your milk jam in a jar.

M I L C H - K A R A M E L L - C R E M E

1 Becher Sahne
1/4 Liter Milch
80 g Zucker

Sahne, Milch und Zucker in einem Topf mischen und über geringer Hitze unter Rühren köcheln bis die Mischung eindickt. Das kann eine Weile dauern. Dann in ein Schraubdeckelglas oder Ähnliches füllen.

This will be tomorrow's breakfast treat.
The recipe is from Kat who found it in a book named "Cerfeuil's Dip & Paste".


Anonym hat gesagt…

oh wow...i have NEVER seen anything like this before

but it looks amazing!! (but i don't need those extra calories, so i might have to save it for a special occasion...)

tamara hat gesagt…

Actually i don't have a lack of calories, too... who has? If you follow the link you'll find also a vanilla and a tea version, which could be of interest.