Paola Navone // cups for my coffee

Last month the guy of the parcel service was almost as highly appreciated as Santa Claus, i guess. One packet he delivered to my door contained (beside a present to be given to my friend) a pair of small intensely red cups with goldfish-printed saucers (given to myself, ähäm). It may work nicely with coffee and cookies but also with olives or things like that...

I bought it because i liked it, not actually because of the name behind. The name behind --- Paola Navone --- makes some great things, though. Italian design is usually too 'loud' for my liking. And, indeed, during the 1980s Navone was active in Memphis and Alchimia. But the pieces she designs today are really charming and suitable in a normal way. I'm not in favour of uploading copyrighted pictures but you really should take a look, e.g. here or here!

びっくり ー パオラ・ナヴォーネ!


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