coffee and shops


A piece of cake can turn a good day in a perfect one.
Lately we've been eating a lot of cakes and pastries.

Apfelkuchen und Sahnetorte, Krapfen, Russischen Zupf-
und Pfirsichkuchen, Marmorkuchen, Streußelkuchen...

He said it would be better to tell that he's begun to test
German beer 'scientifically'. Because eating cake is just too girly.
However, we should stop this all for the sake of health...

Yet, some days ago we ended up in a tiny café once more.
The simple coffee and the cakes where nice,
but nothing to be particularly mentioned.

Something to be mentioned was the atmosphere.
The girl working at this coffee shop was so lovely and
natural and organized at the same time.
I really enjoyed sitting there that half an hour.

Especially after stopping by a shop that must be new.
By almost everything the salespersons, presumably
storekeepers, said i felt offended.
When i didn't feel offended they where bothersome.
It was obvious that they made some kind of fetish
of the products they sell at their delicate shoppy.
"Handmade!", "Linnen!", "Beautiful!", "Perfect!",
yes i can see this myself, could it even better if i was
able to touch some of the things without being told off.

It wasn't as bad. And i don't intend to use this blog
to write about any complaints. All i wanted to say
--- also to myself --- that's one thing to talk flippantly
to the guys one hangs around with, if this is it what one
likes, and it's also one thing to adore certain things...
it's another thing to run a shop and talk to customers.


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