no words


The last week i thought to comfort him a bit to counteract upcoming homesickness. So i cooked "corn potage" for breakfast and the beloved madeleines.

After the incidents in Japan since friday i don't see any chance to change the mood or do anything. I'm feeling pretty helpless. Not being Japanese, being outsider, means luck in these days, but doesn't really help either.

The family is living in the South and still save... but still nobody knows what will happen with this country within the next hours, days, years, isn't it like that?

And i begin to see the media even more critically as i already do... Susan Sontag sometimes doesn't seem to have been so wrong with her early essays "on photography".

気をつけてください、dear Japanese readers. I'm wishing you good luck.

The top picture is from framboise, cc on flickr.

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