To do, or not to do,...


In a previous post i mentioned that at a cute little web shop i've seen a towel which resembled very much a project of mine. Of course it was no copy, because i've never shown it to anybody. However at this moment i was encouraged to make things by myself --- but not only for myself.

On the picture you can see a table or rather a work desk that 'Mister nezumiiro' made about three years ago. And this transparent table is designed by nendo. They will present it at Milano Salone 2011. Well, our table is not transparent and won't go to Milan but the idea of irregular floorboards on bock style table legs is pretty the same...

The nendo table is a true design piece. Ours instead still (and probably forever) a no name thing, more for daily use than to engage attention. Nonetheless, this time it really felt like a big hint: Create what you're thinking of and shout it out loudly... okay, a bit more loudly at least!


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