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This biscuit made me think that Germans probably can produce cute things... maybe they only not want to. It's the back. (With this design on the front side the "Butterkekse" possibly could be sold also in Japan or any other country that loves a more gentle design.) The face, however, shows a coffee cup that resembles pretty much one of those free images that where provided with Windows oder Office Word during the 90s.

O   O   O   O   O

Yesterday i've searched for "german" on Pinterest


* German pancake
This seems to be something specifically American?? An amazing pan-cake baked in the oven. Never seen something like this in Germany.

* German dog breeds

* German cakes and cupcakes
... covered with something that somehow makes me think a of vomit... Is it good? It seems to be popular.

* German pottery
I hadn't been aware of it. But it's nice to see that some taste leaders around the world do like it.

* Graphic design
Yey! Thanks to the 1950s!

I did the same research on flickr: soldiers, dogs, sausages.
A bit more pleasing: ドイツ.
Didn't do it again with google images.


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