chair 2


This is our second new old chair. D has a passion for Chiavarine and i like them, too. We bought the chair on very good terms (It's a bit raddled.), being sure that it is an imitation. It's beautiful, though, and we're wondering where it comes from... Or is it an original nonetheless?

By the way, Giò Ponti's Superleggera is inspired by a Chiavari Chair.


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Leif Bech hat gesagt…

The Chiavarine has its name after the North Italian Town Chiavari where this model called "Parigina" was created by Gaetano Descalzo in the beginning of the 1800. To me it seams to be very close to the original, which was in production in the Chiavari region for many years.
If it has not got a lable it is hard to tell if it originates from
Gaetano Descalzi's factory as identical chairs were made by othe artisans in the region.

Leif Bech