> cooking

> vegetables in

> my

> sunlit

kitchen, while drinking

> milk coffee out of a

> pretty ceramic cup.

For a long time i was a little ashamed of my "hobbies", or at least i avoided explicitly calling them my interests. Nothing special about them, yet a bit weird, neither stunning nor ladylike. Now i've discovered that things feel so much better saying - yes, i enjoy cooking, i do adore crafted tableware, anyway, i LOVE all about... food.

Mr nezumiiro, who is Japanese and should actually be used to people taking pictures of their dishes, ever since is rolling his eyes confronted with the tons of my food pictures that are swamping our harddrives. The change came when i took a picture once again and he, a bit kidding me, noticed that my face while doing this always looks far more serious as usual. In this moment i realized: I am serious! I'm seriously enjoying this. And, why not? :-D



Anonym hat gesagt…

but if these things make you happy, then like you said, why not?

i too enjoy using handmade ceramics - especially spoons! - even if others (yes, my boyfriend!) think that it's 'boring'


tamara hat gesagt…

Haven't you shown some nice pieces on your blog once!? Uah~ ceramic spoons :-D. I'm not exceptionally clumsy, but i'm always afraid of breaking such tiny things, the same with glass rings and so on.