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My friends' wedding, a beautiful poem and some thoughts. Click! ↓

A week ago we were invited to my friends' wedding. One friend brought a wedding album and another friend kindly provided some proverbs and poems. Since in such cases my spontaneous creative output not seldom becomes strangely funny, i decided to chose one of his. The poem is by Reiner Kunze, a German writer, and its original title is "Rudern zwei ein Boot". I immediately loved it. And i immediately knew, this, what i'm saying to the bridal couple with these borrowed words, (still) isn't reality for myself, for our couple. We're aware of this fact. Sometimes it seems like a miracle to me that we grew up 10 thousand kilometers far from each other, and yet, in so many cases we behave like twins. Sure, this is part of the attraction and affinity. But it can be equally exhausting, if there's no way to stand on two feet by our own. If our love is so much like ourselves, i think, we must love and care ourselves still more. I tried a translation for you, at least you may understand what the poem is about:

Two rowing a boat

Two rowing a boat,
one knows the stars,
the other knows the storms,
will the one
guide through the stars,
will the other
guide through the storms,
and in the end the very end
the sea in the memory will
be blue


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