Another thing i love about our flat is that we virtually live in a tree. It's like a bird's nest. Now the maple in front (or actually in the patio) of our building is changing colours for the first time. Unfortunately you can't see it well, but the October page of Flora Douville's calendar echoes exactly what we see out of our bedroom window these days. How wonderful!


akky hat gesagt…

How beautiful!
green, yellow, red.. what a colorful!

It's like a bird's nest.
It's like a KITARO house!
( please ask D ^^)

I want to live there...

tamara hat gesagt…

A Kitaro house! Now the leaves are nearly gone (or dark and small and dry). Behind the tree the windows of the house next door appeared.

Thank you for commenting again, Akky. Hope you have a nice autumn, too, in Japan.