Hello, my dear readers! I'm a bad blogger lately. Sorry. Obviously i'm still not used to working in shifts. And my (not existing) new daily routine still isn't providing me any time to surf the internet or to occupy myself with things... with which i love to occupy myself.

The 3rd October was a national holiday and we had a day off. D an i went to the sea by train. I hadn't seen the ocean for years (Well, saw! it for some seconds during the trips to Japan, but not got my feet into it.) and after that not very summery summer really craving for it. One second after having pulled up my pants i hit my big toe badly and bloodily... but that shouldn't be the matter here. Btw. it's me in the last picture. I'm a hero really really wanted to dabble in the sea.

Oh, and we ate fish and seafood all the day long! It started with salmon and rice balls in the morning --- byproducts of making the salmon onigiri which we took on the trip and ate with "ebi furai" later. Followed by a shrimp soup, mussels, and fried European plaice... with shrimp sauce.


shepleyblondel hat gesagt…

What berries are those? *pointing to the top*

tamara hat gesagt…

Hi! :-)
I'm very bad in those things. But i thought it is a common sea-buckthorn. ... Still think so.