tamago chiffon keeki


This story begins here, in a cute Western style tea house in a also very cute little city in South Japan. It was the first time that i ordered and ate a thing called 'tamago chiffon keeki'. Tamago --- that, at least, i knew --- means egg and in this day i felt like to eat something with this distinct light flavour of egg, no chocolate no cream... Germany is cake paradise. Not that you find overwhelming cakes in every ordinary bakery, but if you know the right places or still have a talented grandma, you surely know what good cakes are. Something like this, though, i haven't had before: A cake which is so so fine and yummy... and you don't feel stuffed after eating it! I began searching for a recipe. And finally, after three or four mediocre trials, i found that one, i'm still sticking on. Since we moved i don't have scales, only a Japanese measuring cup (200 ml). But i'm going fine with it. I use...

* 3 eggs
* half a cup of white sugar
* half a cup of oil-milk mixture (2:3)
* 2/3 cup of flour (*) with a pinch of baking powder

I beat the egg whites with half of the sugar until very stiff and whisk the yolks with the rest of the sugar until they're pale and creamy. Then i stir the liquids and the flour/baking powder into the yolk mixture. I combine a part of the batter with the whipped egg whites and put this all back into the "oily" batter, gently folding it in. I'm baking it by 170-180° C for 20-30 minutes. The cake-pan shouldn't be covered with grease before. After baking i let cool the cake in its pan upside down.

(* Decide on cake flour which is especially low in protein. If not available, at least substitute a part of the all-purpose flour with potato starch.)


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