tofu no misozuke

A side-dish with the hearty flavor of... no, actually not cheese, but something like that, salty and smelly... hence really good.

*a block of (semi-firm) tofu

In advance i wrapped the tofu block in two or three layers of kitchen paper, put a small cutting board on it and on the cutting board some weights (i.e. two small tins) and this construct into the fridge, to squeeze out some of the water. The day after I heated the miso paste over medium-low heat while adding sake to get it more creamy. Then i let the mixture cool to room temperature with the lid closed. I unwrapped the tofu and covered the whole piece with the miso. (You can wrap the tofu first with gauze and after that with miso, too.) I put it in a airtight container and back into the refrigerator - for a week. To eat scrape off the miso (or remove the miso covered gauze).

This foto i've taken today, after a week. The tofu no misozuke tastes fine, especially in its outer parts, rich and creamy, a bit - or quite - salty. Nonetheless i guess it will be even better after some further days. Let's wait!?

PS I quickly decided to go for the pure version. If you like a more well-rounded taste, mix also a bit of *honey, mirin or sugar into your miso marinade.

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