ciao 2011, hallo 2012


What an eventful year. One should think that the biggest changes of the past 12 months would concern my private life: graduated from university (finally) with something like a Master's Degree (--- my second vocational training, and still without an adequate, serious job ;-)... and above all, the happy end of a long distance relationship, the move to the capital... But i don't feel that these things matter much facing our earth these days. The maybe most important, shocking, challenging incident 2011 for me is "Fukushima". Beside that there happened several things which make me mind my attitude towards life and society as never before.

As you can see above, New Year's Eve was a feast. We were only the two of us this time, but there was a lot of cooking and eating: some quick fun sushi, the traditional Japanese soup with soba and a chiffon cake, that seems to be one of the remainig achievements of 2011. Today we ate some osechi-like treats for breakfast, kuromame, kurikinton, roe, kohaku namasu and ozoni.

Only using the third picture i could write two or three blog posts. Time flies and i couldn't spare time for nezumiiro very often, i've never neglected the idea which let to this weblog, though. I hope so to be able to clear my mind this year, mature and end this "between-time" of my life.

Happy New Year!

Alles Gute für 2012!



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