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I love eating (how not!?). And i love cooking. (And our parents are urging us to eat well, too.) So why we're so rarely having proper meals?! I guess, beside a relative lack of time (or the right techniques to prepare a good meal quickly), it's because German supermarkets are pretty uninspiring. I'd like to write something else about the supermarkets and also about our eating habits... But while saying this, i really think (once again) to make more effort...

This was our last attempt to cook something which tastes good and is harmless for health. The not totally harmless nasu to tori nikku nanban (fried eggplant with chicken and vinegar sauce) was oishii but made our kitchen smell awfully of fat. The little red highlight, what you can see on the pictures, however, was surprisingly good!! - And it's quick and simple: sliced tomatoes (i added a bit of sugar, since it's early in the year and the tomatoes still don't have their full flavour) aaaand... shiokoji. To make something with shiokoji, or rather to make shiokoji, i had in mind for some time now. Finally we were in Japan and D's mother kindly gave me some komekoji along with the instructions to prepare shiokoji, which is actually malt-rice that is fermented in salt. I think i'm going to write another post about it! Sore dewa mata ne.

Tomatoes with salt-koji

* sliced tomatoes (optional sugar)
* a small amount of shiokoji


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