Oji Masanori


This post is absolutly redundant. You all know about the genius of Oji Masanori. I was lucky to get him to know (well, him as designer, not personally...) when he just had started his incredible career. I adore all his hashioki, love the oldfashioned elegance of these, like his trays and dishes, love how he interprets the typical Japanese simplicity and estimate the perfection and craftmanship of his products in general. Now, finally, we have a Oji & Design-piece, too. We brought back a bottle opener from Japan. It is made of brass and like so many of his products crafted by Futagami. (We needed a bottle opener, though. ;-)

Now also availabe in our shop! ... No, stop. We do not have a shop. But i so liked to write this once.

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