bread baking news


One of my co-workers here in Germany, a Japanese, is giving lessons in Japanese language and cooking. Sometimes i have to think of her and smile: It seems so much easier for a Japanese to teach Japanese culture in Germany, than vice versa. Whom, beside some old fashioned medicals students, if any, could i teach German in Japan?! - And what recipes shall i show in my potential cooking class?? I was telling her this and she answered "Sauerbraten, vielleicht, oder 'Brot-Wurst-Käse'..." (Sauerbraten maybe, or 'bread-sausage-cheese'...".) Bread-sausage-cheese, which actually has several names throughout the country (and which indeed can be accompanied by some vegetables or other things), is really a popular "dish" here. And bread, like in many other countries, is an important food.

A few weeks ago i started to buy bread at the market, every Thursday during my lunchhour. Bread with sesame and poppyseed, bread with olive oil and sunflower seeds, white wheat bread which had the form of a Gugelhupf, banana bread. And i bake cinnamon rolls, yes, the cinnamon rolls of the Kamome Diner film. And i bake quark buns. No perfect beauties, yet, as you can see. But they were quite nice.

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