tofu (and my yuzamashi)


Here in Germany, i guess, tofu has become popular as a meat substitute during the nineties. I actually should know it: i'd been a vegatarian for over a decade. This - paradoxically - had been before i came to Japan the first time. There i began to eat meat again. But at the same time i tasted tofu i really liked! Those tofu tasted mild and milky, it absolutely didn't have that stale smell of soy, i've known until then. No need to marinate it in soy sauce or chili oil, to fry it, to blend it with... i don't remember... bananas, maybe, as my numerous veggy cookbooks were suggesting. One could eat it fresh and pure as it was. And it was delicious! No smell, no eraser-like texture.

At bio markets i could find locally produced tofu with almost the same quality. (Well, i don't know if it's only about quality. I can imagine that the regular kind of tofu may work with some Chinese recipes, for example. I'm no expert, though.) At Asian supermarkets i'm hardly successful. Even better that i brought home a 'tofu kit' lately. I got it at an Asian market near my workplace. It contains two sachets filled with powder. One is to blend with water to get soy milk. In the other sachet there's nigari. It congeals the protein of the soy milk. E voilà - tofu! The final product's taste is quite okay, it's cheaper than others and, above all, it's such fun to make!

One part i used to make tofu no misozuke, the remaining part we ate as hiyayakko tofu.

Yep, this about tofu. Another reason why i've written this article is to show you a picture of my Shodaiyaki water cooler bowl, we brought back from our last trip. ;-D

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