mini vases


Buying new things i'm often very picky. This is fun to me. And sometimes, when i'm exaggerating, it can become also a bit stressful. Maybe this is my contribution to an exemplary idea of social and commercial... oh, how can i explain this in English!? ... Picking the right things is also a question of space. We're short of space and i don't like to stuff our rooms with things. This is why it may be better to have one good and versatile item instead of three so-so things (theoretically speaking).

But you can absolutely override this rule, if it's about miniatures, can't you? Mini cars and trains and ships and airplanes, those things are all needless and freaky, you may say. - And i say this, too! But don't ask me about mini vases. Last Sunday at the flea market i bought, not one mini vase, like i did before several times, but a collection of mini vases. :-D A few Euros for a dozen of vessels, that's not bad. They're very small, though.

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