spring is in the air


It's February and spring is in the air. A bit early this year. Even better.

Lately i'm into Tillandsia, airplants. You can "plant" them almost everywhere: on your cupboard, on the sill, on an old saucer, in a jar. Put it in a basket and hang it on the hinge,... No messy soil and – maybe most important, for me at least – they're very undemanding and asking for a little water only once or twice a month.

Long time i've seen Bromeliads only in the windows of old auntie houses, seemingly still surviving in their chalky, crusty plant pots since the time when auntie was still a bit younger and more fashionable... like i am today?

Indeed, it looks like these plants are in vouge again. On the other hand the Tillandsia appear so... i would be exaggerating if i'd say "wabi-sabi".


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