seasons (change :)


Seasons from Naoko Hara on Vimeo.

Long time no see. How are you?

We're fine. Still seeking overambitiously for the sense of life and how to do things right ;-D. Mister nezumiiro, after years, is slowly turning back to handicrafts. What is great, i think. I have joined pottery class, experiencing what i always knew: it's hard and a lot of fun. But since half a year i'm mostly taking care of a little grumpy and stinky baby. Our little sunshine and the best and cutest child in the world (mommy thinks). So the very sparse blog posts got even sparser.

On the other hand it seems to me that blogosphere isn't as exciting as it was before. Time is flying and people are using other media and technologies. Several of my former favourite sites are starving like my own. But some remained and their authors are doing a fabulous job. - Like this one e.g.. Spoon & Tamago has grown into an exciting blog - shop - gallery. Recently they posted the video above. This article about Tomo Tanaka and Nunu's House handmade household miniatures is also fun! Take a look, it's amazing.

Well, little sunshine is demanding attention again. Hope to "see" you soon!

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