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anyone out there?

It's 2017 already. Everything has changed – and nothing. Still the same family, still the same apartment, still the same job, still the same interests.

The perspective has changed.

We (or let's talk about me, i) faced a rough time that taught me lessons of life on the hard way. I would have had preferred a gentle teacher, but it is what it is.

The things i'm dealing with these days reconnect to issues i was writing about here and transfer them to a higher, or let's say a wider level. For a long time i felt attracted to the beauty of (everyday) life, especially loving, collecting, reading, writing about... things. – About arts and crafts, architecture, food, about plants and seasons and so on, about things that are pure, honest, direct and "made by life", like that big red dot on the header of this blog is suggesting it for years now. I became aware that i've been admiring these wonderful things, hoping and helping to see and understand them, to learn from their unique characters and history to lead a good life, while i was excluding myself!

The recent journey is about to include everything. I'm eager and curious. And i may need it.

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