This topic seems random, even superficial, at least regarding what i've written before. Yet, for me it's like a symbolic turning point. It happend in late summer two years ago. And it's about fashion.

I've never been a fashionista and still i'm no style icon. I remember times in my life i was more confident about my appearance and times i felt less confident (nearing break down every time i had to dress and leave the house). I remember tomboy times, times with long skirts and dyed shirts and times i may have been near to somewhat i could call 'my style'. Entered adulthood i wore, or bought and never wore, pieces i liked (on the hanger), pieces other people liked on me, pieces i liked on other people, pieces i thought they would make me the person i wanted to be, pieces that were reasonably priced or pieces i needed immediately, no matter what. To top it all for a long period i had problems to keep my weight. So everything in my wardrobe gave me either the appearance of a tightly stuffed German sausage or were awkwardly baggy. The fact that as a child of a citizen society, continental climate and somehow indoctrinated by a not wholly understood feminism didn't help to make things better for me. You learn early to dress decently. That means not sloppy – but it also means not to distinguish being overdressed, too feminine or special in anyway. Straight jeans and a pullover, an outdoor jacket and shoes for walking, if necessary, a simple blouse with pencil skirt, everything is fine here. Or would have been fine, since globalization is setting a new benchmark now.

It may have been the infinite internet, also living in a big city for years now, for sure it was my interest in silent beauty and minimalism that gave me subliminal hints and triggered a process. I began wondering about my appearance.

It sounds weird, but the cat i used to have 'wore' delicate black fur that was cat-shaped and seemed to be comfortable, also perfectly matching with his green eyes. Cat looked good, no need to bleach or to pull over a poodle uniform... You can also take a horse or a deer or a penguin. It will still sound weird but it illustrates pretty well that we humans do hardly have that conception of ourselves.

It's quite unlikely that in near future we will start to life our lives outside of our shower cabinets naked. So what is my fur? Is it what fashion industry wants to sell right now? Is it water resistant with bold coloures? Does it have a certain price level?...

I made my choice basically by considering several points. I will write more on them later and link back: Material, purpose and care, colour and cut, preferences (Yes! Since we're humans we can choose. :-)

I was surprised how easy it was, after abandoning that fear that someone could call me superficial if i care about my appearance. It went smoothly and almost everything goes together now. For example i can mix and match things. Outfits for work are quite the same as outfits for parties or outfits for the playground. And that's okay, because everything is me. Sure, there are still clothes witch aren't perfect. But now i know why! Shopping is no torture anymore and i feel way more confident.

So far about clothes and hair and accessories, glasses and so on. And i have the fair feeling that one could do similar things even on a more profound level... let's see.

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